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Top 6 features of the Xiaomi M365 Pro that make it stand apart from the rest!

Posted 22nd August 2019. Category: Article.

The M365 Pro version of Xiaomi electric scooter has been by far one of the best-selling models in the world. Now that the makers of Xiaomi Electric Scooters have finally released the upgraded model of the popular e-scooter Xiaomi M365 in Australia. Undoubtedly, like many others, new users will love it as well.

Top Six Features For Xiaomi M365 Pro


Posted 19th August 2019. Category: Guide.

In today's blog post, we have penned down all the frequently asked questions that our customers have about electric scooters in Australia.
Check this post and see if your questions made it to the list!


Reviewing The Best Electric Scooters Of 2019!

Posted 12th August 2019. Category: Guide.

See Nathaniels review of the best 4 Electric Scooters for adults available today.
Pick your favourite scooter now!

Best Scooters

Which Scooter Is For You

Posted 31st July 2019. Category: Guide.

We know it can be daunting and the price gap just does not make any sense. For double the price, you can only get 5kmh extra. Is it really worth it? In this guide, you can now find the perfect scooter for yourself today - quickly and easily.

Thinking Man

Who Won The Morath Giveaway.

Posted 30th July 2019. Category: Article.

This is how a Morath Elite Scooter made a little boy's day! The journey on why we started it and what sort of challenges we encounter on giving away free scooters.

Morath Scooter

Discover the American brands, Unagi.

Posted 29th June 2019. Category: Article.

5 Reasons Why “The Unagi Scooter” is One of the Best Electric Scooter for Adults in Australia. Find out how Unagi is so rare.

Unagi Scooter

Legality and Rebellion For Electric Scooters in Australia.

Posted 7th May 2019. Category: Article.

How Australia sees electric scooters and what we think about it. We know it is still under revision, we know that electric scooters have helped so many people get to work on time, we see that it shed light and can make children of Australia happy, so why ban it?

Melbourne Bridge

Win a free Morath Electric Scooter from WalkSmart!

Posted 4th April 2019. Category: Competition.

The winner will receive a brand new Morath electric scooter via courier within 10 days from the competition winner announcement date. There are no costs associated with entering or receiving the prize.

The Legality of Electric Scooters in Australia!

Posted 4th April 2019. Category: Product Information.

The legality of electric scooters is something our team gets asked quite a lot from customers. It can be difficult to understand the laws in your local area, as they vary state by state. This page is designed to inform riders of the rules governing e-scooters in each state.

The WalkSmart Repair Center!

Posted 7th March 2019. Category: General.

At WalkSmart, we offer repairs for a range of personal electric vehicles. We stock spare parts for the products we sell in-store but are also able to source and order in spare parts for other brands too.

How an electric scooter saves you money!

Posted 6th March 2019. Category: General.

These days an electric scooter is much more than a fun ride for kids and teenagers. It has become a product with a purpose, making commuting more efficient by providing us with a new means of transport - fun, flexible and affordable. Here is how an electric scooter can save you money.

The Xiaomi M365 vs Segway ES2

Posted 25th Feb 2019. Category: Product Comparison.

The Segway-Ninebot ES2 and the Xiaomi Majia M365 are our two top-selling models of electric scooter - and there's a good reason for it. Both units are developed by Ninebot in a city near Bejing, China. Back in 2015 Ninebot purchased the American firm Segway Inc. and has since redeveloped the brand now offering a wider range of products while also making them more affordable under the name Segway-Ninebot.

The WideWheel Electric Scooter In Store Now!

Posted 24th Feb 2019. Category: Product Updates.

Today the WideWheel electric scooter joins our range of WalkSmart eScooters! The WideWheel is an ultra-powerful, heavy duty, all terrain electric scooter. Arguably it is our most stylish electric scooter, featuring a matte grey colour finish, low profile tyres with dual 500w large electronic hub motors. A unique front suspension arm allows riders to comfortably float over obstacles, while the instant acceleration and torque make it sporty to drive on and off-road.

More Xiaomi M365 Stock Received at Pyrmont!

Posted 24th Feb 2019. Category: Product Updates.

Increasing demand and difficult supply have meant that in recent months it has been difficult for us to maintain stock in the Xiaomi M365 scooter. We have just received more stock into our warehouse and forwarded a portion of this to our WalkSmart store in Pyrmont. The Xiaomi M365 scooter is now back in stock! (But black only)