Segway-Ninebot unveils new e-scooters

Posted 3rd March 2022. Category: Article.

Segway-Ninebot unveils new e-scooters, including a beast that can go 70 km/h!

Posted 3rd March 2022. Category: General.

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Segway-Ninebot has unveiled its electric scooter lineup for 2022, and the brand offers something for everyone.

Latest Segway-Ninebot Electric Scooter Launches in 2022!

The D-series scooters will be the first to launch, they are designed to be affordable.

Although these designs are not groundbreaking, they're finished in an attractive colorway and offer 25 km/h speeds.

The D18E, D28E and D38E are available to preorder now on Segway's website. The number of each model equates to the range offered by the scooter in kilometres, so the D38 can travel 38km on a single charge, for example.

D-series scooters are expected to be shipped by the end of March.

Segway also announced its upcoming P-series commuter scooters, which will launch towards the end of the year. It is a premium end scooter so people with a knack for electric scooters who want to have a high quality scooter can actually look forward to this model.

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As expected, the P series is set out to be much more advanced and offers wide footboards, integrated indicators and new all-weather tyres.

Additionally, it offers some great quality-of-life features like integrated USB-C phone charging and NFC unlocking. A range of up to 100 km and front and rear suspension for off-road driving make the P100SE the more exciting of the two.

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Segway also unleashed the most exciting model in its new lineup, which is none other than the flagship GT series scooters, and in particular the GT2.

The GT2 can travel at up to 70 km/h and it'll get you to your preferred destination very quickly too - which means it can do 0-48 km/h in just four seconds. Isn’t that fast!!!

Although that speed isn't legal on most roads, Segway says you can enjoy it 'at the racetrack'.

The electric scooter by Segway has pretty amazing and well needed features like dual motors, self-healing pneumatic tyres and even traction control. All the more reasons to look forward to the launch of this scooter.

To keep things smoother and not bumpy, the company has included adjustable damper suspension on the front and back.

In addition, to all the above mentioned features it contains a 900-lumen headlight and also a daytime running light with anti-dazzling technology.

Finally, a full-colour OLED dashboard keeps you updated on your speed, range, and power mode.

We expect the GT series scooters to launch in Q2/Q3 2022 and they will be expensive. Nonetheless, the features that have been added in this model will definitely make us worth having it.

How excited are you? Let us know in the comments below if you’d like us to do a review of the product once it is launched?

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