5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Inokim Scooter?

Posted 25th April 2021. Category: Article.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Inokim Scooter?

Posted 25th April 2021. Category: General.

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Inokim electric scooters were launched in the year 2009 by an Israeli Award Winner and product designer Nimrod Sapir.Ever since the scooters were launched in the market, its build quality, speed have been impeccable and the features of this amazing electric scooter are being loved by one and all.

Although the price of the electric scooter is a bit higher than its other competitors, we will be briefly explaining the right reasons to own this electric scooter in your possession.

So, here are a few reasons why you need to consider buying an Inokim Scooter?

Reasons Why You Should Buy Inokim Scooter

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Last Mile Solution

Unlike other electric scooters that generally try to take inspiration from the competitors design to build their model, Inokim scooters manufactures and assembles the components in their in-house factory without compromising on the quality of the electric scooter.

Comfortable and Secure Ride

Inokim focuses on providing a comfortable and secure ride to its buyers with the help of its excellent braking system and its low center of gravity electric scooters design. Moreover, the electric scooters of Inokim are light in weight and the deck room leaves plenty of space for your feet.

The disc brakes of this electric scooter ensure perfect stopping power.

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Beautiful Design and Colour Options

Unlike other electric scooters that come with limited colour options, Inokim provides the buyers with numerous color ranges to pick from. Moreover, the design of the electric scooter has a perfect blend of weight, range, and speed balance.

Build Quality

Inokim takes the highest care in terms of build quality of the electric scooters. Attention to details such as adjustable suspension, handlebar grip, and its weight when folded, ensure that the scooter is built to last long. Every component of the electric scooter is manufactured in their inhouse factory with utmost care.

Easy to Carry

All the electric scooters of Inokim comes with an excellent folding option which helps the rider to fold the e scooter and carry it in subway or crowded areas with ease. Moreover, these electric scooters are light in weight, so the users do not find it uncomfortable to carry wherever they go.


These are some of the main reasons why you should pick the Inokim scooter. If you value quality above anything else, Inokim is the right choice for you. It is an all-rounder electric scooter one can use for their daily commuting. You can try it before deciding purchase one from us.

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WalkSmart recommends that you check your local state laws and regulations in relation to using electric scooters in public locations, roads and footpaths. Laws vary state by state and therefore may limit use to private locations only. Each local body is reviewing public electric scooter use, so we expect it to be regulated, but legal in all states within the short term. Feel free to contact WalkSmart if you have any further queries.

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