Tubeless Vs Air Tyre On Xiaomi Scooters!

Posted 15th November 2019. Category: Article.

Tubeless Vs Air Tyre On Xiaomi Scooters

Posted 15th November 2019. Category: General.

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The most popular scooter, currently by date is Xiaomi M365. It has a good price (In Australia), well-built quality, and comfortable ride. But, the one major flaw with the scooter is that the electric scooter tyres often pop and that’ll be the end of it. Not sure how it happens, you might be wondering now, 'I didn’t even do anything out of the ordinary, it just suddenly deflates.' Well, that could happen too! Although, most of the time, it could just be a small rock, a tiny glass shard, or simply weight issue.

So now you are here reading about what you can do next to improve your current state of electric scooter tyres. Congratulations! You have found your answer! But, before that. Let’s break down the definition and the difference. From here, you can either change it to air tyre yourself for xiaomi scooter tyre(provided with the Xiaomi scooter) or upgrade it to m365 tubeless (you will have to buy it or service it with us, we do all the hard work for you in 15 minutes only! Saving you 1 hour and 45 minutes of work.)

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If you decide to change it yourself to air-filled tyre, note that this will require some tools and good strength. You have to take off the red sticker part and unscrew the four or two plastic connecting bolts. For the front wheel, it is amazingly hard to get the nuts off, so, be careful not to damage the nut and try to do it with your foot at an angle. Then, once you got it out, you want to poke a flathead screwdriver to take the rubber out. With another flathead, poke the rest of it out and work your way around the tyre until one side has popped. Flip the tyre and poke the screwdriver to the other side and push it outwards holding it down, with a second one, do poke out parts of it and hold both screwdrivers. Use the third one to poke out more parts and interchange the second and third screwdrivers until the tyre can pop out. Putting it back would be the same step but backwards. It will take approximately 1 hour for you to do so.

If you decide to change it or yet upgrade it to a tubeless tyre, you might want to stay reading. IT IS DIFFICULT. You would remove the cover first and the tyre just how we cover on the previous paragraph, then things will get hard from here. Our advice is to get a ratchet strap and pull the tyre out from many directions. But, if you don’t want to spend the extra money or if you can’t be bothered to get a ratchet strap, you can try to microwave it or put it in boiled water. Stretch it hard afterwards and put it in. Doesn’t sound hard right? Well, it would take about 2 hours for you to do. No kidding. Or you can hop into our shop and we can do all the hard work for you! Easy!

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So, let’s talk about the differences between the two. The main difference is air-filled feels a bit more comfortable than the xiaomi m365 tubeless tire. However, you have to be careful about which tubeless tyre you buy. Choose a tyre with holes as this will absorb a lot of the vibrations. Tyre 3 as shown in the picture is the worst amongst all as they are really hard to put on and also, you would feel everything on the road (Which is really bad as you can damage the screws securing the pole to the base.) The second tyre is much better and feels softer. Be cautious about putting them in hot water as they might also melt. It feels a bit awkward turning but this feels the softest. The tyre 1, in my opinion, is the best one as they can absorb the shock and feels great in terms of handling. They’re not as soft as the second tyre, but unless you have worked with a lot of scooters I doubt you can feel the difference.

Let’s also debunk some myth!
  • Will a tubeless tyre slow my scooter down?: No, tubeless tyres WILL NOT make your scooter go slower. It might be applicable to bicycles, but not kick scooters with electric scooter tyres. I tested them both and I must say, they both perform just as well.
  • I heard air-filled tyre is more comfortable.: Is this true? Yes, it is true that air-filled is the most comfortable one, but, unless you compare them side by side as well, the difference is not much if you choose the right tyre.
  • Will tubeless tyres damage your motor?: Nope, but a wrong one can damage your stem.
  • Does tubeless tyre make my scooter travels shorter distance?: Uhmmm... No.
  • Does tubeless tyre make my scooter heavier?: Unless you can feel the difference of 100 grams, then yes. Otherwise, you cannot feel it at all.

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Hope that settles it for you all atleast for xiaomi scooter tyre. Good luck with repairing your scooter!

WalkSmart recommends that you check your local state laws and regulations in relation to using electric scooters in public locations, roads and footpaths. Laws vary state by state and therefore may limit use to private locations only. Each local body is reviewing public electric scooter use, so we expect it to be regulated, but legal in all states within the short term. Feel free to contact WalkSmart if you have any further queries.

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