The WideWheel Electric Scooter In Store Now!

Posted 24th Feb 2019. Category: Product Updates.

Today the WideWheel electric scooter joins our range of WalkSmart eScooters! The WideWheel is an ultra-powerful, heavy duty, all terrain electric scooter. Arguably it is our most stylish electric scooter, featuring a matte grey colour finish, low profile tyres with dual 500w large electronic hub motors. A unique front suspension arm allows riders to comfortably float over obstacles, while the instant acceleration and torque make it sporty to drive on and off-road.

The WideWheel scooter comes in as our most premium electric scooter, having the most power, torque and price. Because of this, we encourage that only experienced and advanced riders purchase and operate the WideWheel.

The WideWheel has a top speed of 40km/h with 32km range (on the top spec model). The chassis is constructed from aluminium able to carry a rider up 100kg in weight. The tyres are airless, and the scooter itself weighs 20.4kg which is manageable for most users to carry if needed. The scooter is able to fold into a more compact structure useful for transportation and storage.

The WideWheel will be available soon to purchase in early March 2019, with an estimated price between $1200-$1600. We will offer two models of the WideWheel, both the single and dual motor versions.

Please note, that as of March 2019, the laws in NSW restrict the WideWheel scooter to be used on public roads and footpaths. It is only legal to ride on private property. Please check your local region laws prior to purchasing.

Come in store today to test ride the WideWheel scooter!

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