Interesting FAQs about Electric Scooters Au by our customers!

Posted 19th August 2019. Category: Article.

Interesting FAQs about Electric Scooters AU by our customers!

Posted 19th August 2019. Category: General.

Before purchasing any product or services, we all tend to enquire certain essential details about the particular product. These details help us to make a firm decision about the purchase. Of course, when it concerns trending products like electric scooters au we tend to be more careful. Hence, in today's article, we will be answering all the commonly asked question which will help you in making an informed decision.
Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about electric scooters by our customers:

Q: What electric scooter do you guys recommend for commuting?
A: There are a few scooters that stand out for commuting purposes. The difference between them comes down to your budget. The WalkSmart scooter of choice for commuting is the Unagi Model 1, because of its dual-motor torque (great uphills), compact and lightweight size, most effortless folding, sturdy design, intelligent dashboard and decent range. However, this is also one of our most premium models. A great entry-level commuting scooter would be the Xiaomi M365. The down-side against the Unagi is its hill climbing ability is weak and it has a clunky frame.

Q: Can I ride an electric scooter on the road or footpath in my city?
A: It depends on which state you are in, and the current laws. In NSW, for example, it is illegal to ride on public roads and footpaths. However, this law is outdated and does not account for recent year developments in the electric scooter industry. We have also been informed by our industry partners that the NSW transport minister is currently reviewing this legislation to update it in line with other states. Because of this, we expect the laws to change shortly. You can read more about this on our other blog topic here: Click Here

Q: What is the warranty repair process if my scooter has a fault, and I purchased it online via
A: The first step is we ask you to provide us with a description of the problem you are experiencing, the serial number of your device, and some video/photo evidence. We use this information for our documentation purposes, and to pass onto our suppliers to assist with their quality control. The second step is we arrange a courier to collect the scooter from your premises. We will then asses the damage, repair the scooter accordingly, and dispatch it back to you usually well-within 7 days. We generally allow up to 14 days for a repair, and if it is not completed by then, we will provide a replacement scooter.

Q: What is the fastest electric scooter WalkSmart has to offer?
A: Currently, the WideWheel Dual Motor by Mercane is our fastest model, capable of speeds up to 35-40km/h.

Q: What is the most common maintenance request WalkSmart gets from its customers?
A: We very often replace tubes and tyres for our customers. Models such as the Xiaomi M365 and M365 Pro have air-filled tyres which can be punctured while ridding. WalkSmart offers a solid tyre replacement service to prevent future punctures, at the cost of $69 per wheel.

Q: How much money can I save riding an electric scooter?
A: It is surprising how much money some people may save when riding an electric scooter. An entry-level electric scooter costs approximately $600 up-front but requires servicing once per year of roughly $100. An electric scooter can replace most bus services for riders, and often is faster if factoring in traffic in the city. A bus service per day may cost $5, which adds up to $25 per week. So after about 5-6 months, the up-front cost of the scooter is paid off, and after one month per year, the servicing cost is paid off. We also have other interest free payment options with ZipPay, allowing riders to pay off in $40 per month payments. That's a saving of $72.5 per month. Charge your scooter at work to avoid electricity costs! (they are almost negligible anyway)

Q: How safe are electric scooters au ?
A: Electric scooters are generally considered safe modes of transport. Unlike a bike, an electric scooter is smaller, more lightweight, so more comfortable to handle. Most do not travel very fast, around ~25km/h, where an accident would not be as risky. This speed is just a bit faster than the average running pace. (Usain Bolt at nearly 28km/h). WalkSmart always recommends you wear a helmet!

Q: Can I modify the firmware on my electric scooter?
A: WalkSmart does not recommend modifying your firmware, as it generally provides more ware to the electronics, and avoids your warranty. It is not worth the extra speed you may get from it, as it could cost a lot to repair if parts break. You would be better off purchasing a faster scooter to begin with.

Q: Can I trade in my old electric scooter?
A: WalkSmart sometimes accepts trade in's; however, it is always first recommended you try selling it yourself on eBay, Gumtree or the Facebook Marketplace. The offer price WalkSmart will provide is usually comparatively less and should be used for convenience sake only.

Q: How long will my delivery take with WalkSmart?
A: Generally, most items will arrive within about three days. Some items may take a bit longer. We recommend you check the product page on our website for a more specific delivery date. We will update you with tracking information with every order.

Q: If I have not received my order on time, what shall I do?
A: Please get in contact with us, we will investigate the package and find where it is. On every order, we include parcel insurance, so if the item arrives damaged or gets lost in transit, we will replace it!

Q: How do I buy a product from WalkSmart with ZipPay or Bank Deposit?
A: ZipPay and Bank Deposit payments must be manually processed by our team either over the phone, email or in-store. Please get in contact with us if you wish to use these methods.

Q: Is warranty important for a scooter? I see some similar models online cheaper; however, they do not come with a warranty.
A: As scooters are technically a vehicle, being ridden by a user, they are more prone to develop issues than most other products. This is why WalkSmart may be a bit higher in price, but, this added cost factors in the premium warranty service WalkSmart offers to its customers. We often see customers in our store who ask us to repair faulty scooters they purchased from cheaper sellers. These particular models are more prone to issues, and it can be challenging for these customers to claim warranty repairs when they do not have a physical store presence.

Q: What are the most popular accessories bought along with electric scooters?
A: The Helmet is #1, followed by solid tyres (for the Xiaomi range). Other accessories such as the front-scooter bag, ring, flashlight, and secondary chargers are popular. Visit the WalkSmart accessories page for more information: Click Here

These were few of the commonly asked questions asked by our customers. If you have any further queries, you may head over to our Contact Us page and post your queries for electric scooters au.

Interesting FAQs about Electric Scooters Au by our customers

Interesting FAQs about Electric Scooters Au by our customers

Interesting FAQs about Electric Scooters Au by our customers

Interesting FAQs about Electric Scooters Au by our customers