Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing the Fastest Electric Scooter

Posted 27th April 2020. Category: Article.

Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing the Fastest Electric Scooter

Posted 27th April 2020. Category: General.

Fastest Electric Scooter

When you are in the market for buying a fun ride around town, then there are a few factors you have to consider. Buying a scooter is a little bit like purchasing your first car. You have to know about all the specifications in order for you to be ultimately satisfied with your purchase.

Gone are the days where you have to kick the tar road to move forward on your two-wheel ride. Nifty electrical scooters complete with breaks can now reach high speeds at the push of a button.

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Here follows a complete guide to everything you have to consider.

Quality of the Brand and Model

Before purchasing an electrical scooter off of the internet, it’s best to take one for a test drive. Some don’t even last a few miles without breaking down or falling apart. Make sure that you check the quality of the scooter before putting down the money.

When calculating the quality, you have to look at the kind of tires and material it’s made out of.

Most common materials used in manufacturing these nifty vehicles are steel, aluminum, and titanium. Low quality units are made from plastic.

When it comes to wheels – size does matter. It’s important that you purchase a unit with rubber wheels between 5-8 inches in diameter. You won’t buy a car with plastic wheels. So, don’t buy a commuter with plastic wheels.

Wheels should also be air-filled as this provides a much smoother ride. Whereas solid tires create a bumpy ride. There is a chance that your wheels might puncture, but there are many fixing kits available to help in these instances.

Depending on what you want to use the ride for, you have to look at different wheel styles and sizes. Off-road units will have larger treaded tires.

Do some research on different brands to ensure you buy a scooter from a company that specialized in design and technology. Buying a branded unit will guarantee quality over buying a no-name brand.


With any moving vehicle, you have to look at the safety aspects. Especially if you want to reach high speeds, you have to protect yourself against unwanted accidents and injuries.

Scooters with foot brakes have a kind of mud guard that’s placed on the rear wheel. You have to push with your heel on it to cause it to stop immediately. Disc or drum brakes are the most effective and easy to use. Similar to that of a car, you’re going to have to replace them after a few months.

The third type of brake is the electrical brake. It’s extremely low maintenance and easy to use, but not that effective in stopping you on demand.

Fastest Electric Scooter

Need for Speed

There’s a variety of different things that might influence the speed of your scooter. The machinery that powers the unit the most is the motor engine. The tougher and stronger the motor, the faster the scooter will be.

The weight from the rider, tires, and the road type can influence the overall speed of the scooter.

When you take into consideration that a walking speed is about 4 miles per hour, then a unit that can reach maximum speeds of between 14-16 miles per hour is adequate enough.

If you want to reach higher speeds you have to consider the factors that might influence it. When you are driving up a steep hill you won’t go as fast as when you go downhill – it’s the basic laws of gravity.

Always check that your tires are fully pumped which will also have an affect on the overall speed.

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If you want to go fast, you have to find a scooter that is the perfect fit for your body weight and size. Most scooters have a weight limit, find one that can carry at least 10kg more than your actual weight.

Also bear in mind the height of the handle bars as well as the width. You should be able to hold onto them in a comfortable position. When you have to crouch down hold onto the handles, you need a longer bar.

The deck size is also an important part. For optimum stability and balance, you need a deck size that both your feet can sit comfortably on. This will ensure that you have ultimate control over your scooter when you reach high speeds while going downhill.

When you purchase your scooter and you want it to be easily portable, make sure you get one that can fold up and store away. Or that isn’t too heavy to carry up the stairs.

No need to travel around in a costly car or energy-consuming bicycle, when you can zip around on your speedy scooter. You will arrive at your destination without looking like you’ve ran a marathon and while ditching the traffic.

Just make sure you purchase a scooter that fits your needs. Remember to wear a helmet to ensure your safety when you zip through traffic or go for an off-road riding experience.

Fastest Electric Scooter Fastest Electric Scooter