Top 6 features of the Xiaomi M365 Pro that make it stand apart from the rest!

Posted 22nd August 2019. Category: Article.

Top 6 features of the Xiaomi M365 Pro that make it stand apart from the rest!

Posted 22nd August 2019. Category: General.

The M365 Pro version of Xiaomi electric scooter has been by far one of the best-selling models in the world. A few months back, the makers released the specifications and unique features of the M365 Pro e-scooter.
Now that the makers of Xiaomi Electric Scooters have finally released the upgraded model of the popular e-scooter Xiaomi M365 in Australia. Undoubtedly, like many others, new users will love it as well.

xiaomi m365 australia
In today's article, we will be discussing the unique features of the Xiaomi M365 Pro: Australia's hottest selling e-scooter in the market. From enhanced battery performance to better battery range, check out the highlights of the e-scooter below:

  • Better Uphill Performance
  • Amazing Display
  • Faster Acceleration
  • Comparatively Better Range
  • Enjoy A Quiet & Peaceful Ride
  • In-Built Lights For Increased Visibility
Better Uphill Performance:
The makers and manufacturers of the latest model have taken extra precaution to enhance the performance across the uphill area by improving the battery capacity of the xiaomi electric scooter Australia.

xiaomi m365 australia Amazing Display:
In comparison to the previous models, the Xiaomi M365 Pro has a better display and closely competes with other e-scooters like Segway, which are one of the more prominent electric scooters available in the market. (To learn more about Segway ES4 Click Here)

Faster Acceleration:
This model sports a powerful motor of 300 Watt, which enables the electric vehicle to achieve more rapid acceleration and better performance on the go! Due to this, users can enhance their speed limit up to 25 km per hour.

xiaomi m365 australia
Comparatively Better Range:
The battery capacity of approximately 474Wh allows the users to travel up to 45 km in one go, which is almost 29 miles in a single charge. This feature makes the latest model better than its predecessor as it gave an average of 30km. Hence, if you have been looking for an electric scooter in Australia which offers a better mileage then opt for Xiaomi M365 Pro immediately.

xiaomi m365 australia Enjoy A Quiet & Peaceful Ride:
Unlike other available e-scooters, Xiaomi's latest upgrade doesn't make a lot of noise. Hence, the ride to your destination will be quiet and peaceful.

In-Built Lights For Increased Visibility:
This model also has built-in lights in both the front and rear section for enhanced visibility. The back-light is always switched on and happens to flash whenever the user applies the break.

xiaomi m365 australia These were some of the notable and unique features of our favourite e-scooter that we wanted to discuss in today's post. The model is also competitively priced and is affordable in comparison to the rest of the high-end models which feature similar specifications. If you would like a test drive of the model before buying it, then you must head over to our shop located in Pyrmont.
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Disclaimer: WalkSmart recommends that you check your local state laws and regulations in relation to using electric scooters in public locations, roads and footpaths. Laws vary state by state and therefore may limit use to private locations only. Each local body is reviewing public electric scooter use, so we expect it to be regulated, but legal in all states within the short term. Feel free to contact WalkSmart if you have any questions.
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