How to Repair a Ninebot Max E-Scooter Easily?Useful Tips to Service Ninebot!

Posted 25th October 2021. Category: Article.

How to Repair a Ninebot Max E-Scooter Easily? Useful Tips to Service Ninebot Segway Max!

Posted 25th October 2021. Category: General.

Ninebot Max Repair

Electric scooters are vehicles, and so just like cars, bikes and boats - they require servicing and maintenance to ensure that the ninebot kickscooter are operating smoothly for an extended life. Without care, they can be costly to maintain or become an unused sitting asset.

In this guide, we will go through the key servicing and repair items on the Ninebot Max Kickscooter by Segway.

Ninebot Max Repair

If your Ninebot Kickscooter Max has a fault, you have a few options:

  • Get the fault repaired by an authorized repair center
  • Sell it in faulty condition / trade it in
  • Dispose of it safely
  • Try and repair the fault(s) yourself
  • Leave it in storage and decide later
In this blog, we will go through these different options available for Segway Ninebot Max owners:

Vehicle Activation

Please note, when first using the Ninebot Max kick scooter (or after a control board replacement) you are required to activate the vehicle via the Segway Ninebot App. Without activation, the speed will be limited and the scooter may beep.

Download the App, follow the instructions to connect the eScooter to your mobile device via bluetooth, fill in your details (name and email address), and watch the safety videos.

Ninebot Max Repair

Flat Tyre

Fortunately, a flat tyre on a Ninebot Max scooter isn’t common. Unfortunately, replacing a flat tyre on a Ninebot Max is very difficult. We strongly advise against replacing the Ninebot Max tyre if this is your first time or you are inexperienced. Even our very experienced tyre technicians took many hours with lots of difficulty the first few times they did it.

The first step to changing the tyre is removing the whole wheel from the scooter. The rear wheel will require the removal of the motor connections. *note; leaving the motor connections attached will pose a risk of damaging these cables and if this occurs a whole new wheel will be required. The front wheel requires the removal of the brake mechanism.

The second step is prying off the old tyre. Use two small to medium sizes tyre levels to take the tyre of the beadon both sides. Once the tyre is off the bead, it can be more easily removed completely.

Get the new replacement tyre ready and begin putting it on the wheel rim. Ensure it is in the correct orientation with treat direction. You will need to use multiple levers and lots of force to get the tyre within the rin. Move onto the next step once the tyre is centered in the wheel - but not yet on the bead (on both sides).

To get the tyre on the bead, you can try two methods:

  1.Use the levels to get the tyre on the bead from the opposite sides of the rubber. Once one side is on the bead, use an   Air Blast Tire Bead Seater to explode the tyre and get the other side on.

  2.Ratchet strap a tie around the circumference of the tyre, and tighten it heavily. This will cause a seal between the tyre and the rim - so you can inflate the tyre to high pressure (80-120PSI) and naturally the tyre rubber should mould to the bead. Note* This is a very risky procedure - if the ratchet strap fails it can explode at high speed and cause harm.

Now the tyre should be on the bead, ready for riding. Reattach the wheel to the scooter. Ensure all bolts are tightened appropriately - use lock tight if necessary.

If you need any assistance, call WalkSmart, we are able to replace Segway Ninebot Max tyres.

Ninebot Max Repair

Wobbly Handlebar

A wobbly handlebar requires adjustment on the bottom of the pole using a spanner. Adjust the alignment nut to set the grip level of the alignment lever - until there is no more wobble in the handlebar.

Faulty Latch - Broken Plastic Limit Ring

Often users will try and undo the handlebar to fold the scooter without twisting and unlocking the limit ring. This will damage the plastic limit ring requiring a replacement.

Ninebot Max Repair

Generally, this issue is not covered under manufacturers warranty as it is a users fault and physical damage. However in many cases we have seen the seller or manufacturer offer free repairs or replacements if the customer complains significantly.

To replace the limit ring, use a small allen key to undo the faulty limit ring from the pole. Once undone, attach the new limit ring and tighten the screw using the same allen key.

You can purchase replacement limit rings from WalkSmart. As this is a simple fix, we would recommend self-repair.

Electronic Failures - Error Codes

Below is a list of common electrical issues which can be identified by the on-board diagnostics via the dashboard. If your Ninebot Max is not powering on at all - and not able to show any error codes - then it is likely a problem with either A. the charger/internal power supply, B. the main control board or C. the dashboard.

Here is the list of error codes:
  • Error Code 10: Communication error between the dashboard or the main control board. Check the wiring between these two components. If the wiring is functional, the dashboard or control board will need replacing if you keep getting segway error 10.
  • Error Code 11: The rear wheel hub motor A Phase Current sampling is abnormal. This is likely a wiring or main control board issue. We would suggest troubleshooting the main control board first. If the issue still persists, check wiring between the control board and motor, then replace motor.
  • Error Code 12: Same as error 11, but with B Phase Current connection.
  • Error Code 13: Same as error 11, but with C Phase Current connection
  • Error Code 14: Throttle hall sensor is abnormal. This sensor is within the throttle on the handlebar. Keep in mind, the alignment of the throttle hall sensor (plus magnets and spring) in the accelerator housing is paramount - if the alignment is off this may cause this problem. Alternatively, replace wiring if damaged or whole accelerator control. Ninebot error 14 can be a tricky error to fix but you can always visit your e-scooter store if you are facing issues.
  • Error Code 15: Brake hall sensor is abnormal. This sensor is within the brake handle on the handlebar. Keep in mind, the alignment of the brake hall sensor in the brake handle housing (plus magnets and spring) is paramount - if the alignment is off this may cause
  • Error Code 18: Wheel hub motor hall sensor is abnormal. This repair requires disassembly of the motor to replace or reposition the hall sensor. We suggest replacing the whole rear motor assembly as the labour cost may be high. If this does not persist, replace the main control board.
  • Error Code 19: Battery voltage detection is abnormal - please check the battery voltage to ensure that it is around 36v +/- 10%. To repair, replace battery first, then control board if the issue still persists.
  • Error Code 21: Battery communication error - check the battery, battery voltage, control board and related connections. With this you can fix the segway ninebot error 21 with ease.
  • Error Code 22: Battery password error - BMS or battery replacement required.
  • Error Code 23: Battery default serial number - battery replacement required.
  • Error Code 24: System voltage detection is abnormal - check and/or replace battery, then control board.
  • Error Code 26: Flash storage error - check/replace control board.
  • Error Code 27: Control board password error - check/replace control board.
  • Error Code 28: Motor MOS driver upper bridge is short circuited - check/replace control board.
  • Error Code 29:Motor MOS driver lower bridge error - check/replace control board.
  • Error Code 31: Program skip error - check/replace control board.
  • Error Code 35: Vehicle default serial number - check/replace control board.
  • Error Code 13: Internal battery temperature sensor is abnormal - check/replace battery.
  • Error Code 40: Control board temperature sensor is abnormal - check/replace control board and/or battery
Brake Handle Snapped

If you have a forward collision with the Ninebot Max, and it rolls or falls to the ground - it is likely the brake handle will get damaged. This is as it sticks out to the front and is fragile.

The easiest way to resolve this problem is replacing the whole brake handle. This is done by removing the handle grip, using an allen key to loosen the brake handle assembly, disconnect the wiring from the dashboard and slide it off the right side. Once removed, do the opposite to attach the new brake handle. Do not forget to do regular segway ninebot max maintenance by inspecting your escooter regularly and taking proper care of it. Also, if you would like segway scooter repair then feel free to book an appointment with us and visit our store. We will be happy to help you.

Please feel free to check our latetst collections of ninebot max if you intend to buy one the e-scooter this season.

To seek professional advice, regarding repairs and warranty please contact us by clicking on this link.

WalkSmart recommends that you check your local state laws and regulations in relation to using electric scooters in public locations, roads and footpaths. Laws vary state by state and therefore may limit use to private locations only. Each local body is reviewing public electric scooter use, so we expect it to be regulated, but legal in all states within the short term. Feel free to contact WalkSmart if you have any further queries.

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