New Store Open in Canberra!

Posted 20th March 2020. Category: Article.

New Store Open in Canberra!

Posted 20th March 2020. Category: General.

Electric Scooter Brisbane

This month atWalkSmart, we have opened our new Canberra ACT store. Currently, open Friday - Sunday only, customers can test drive, rent or buy our range of electric mobility products. We are located at G07, 15 Provan Street, Campbell 2612 ACT. We are in close proximity to the city centre and the Parliament house.

Our current range of the best electric scooters includes the Xiaomi, Ninebot, Unagi and Zoom scooters. eBikes and electric skateboards are coming shortly.

Why we opened a store in Canberra?
Canberra is the capital city of Australia, housing many significant landmarks and attractions that are all nearby. These include:
  • The Parliament House
  • Australian War Memorial
  • The Royal Australian Mint
  • The National Gallery of Australia
  • Questacon - National Science and Technology Museum
  • Australian National Botanic Gardens
  • Telstra Tower
  • National Library of Australia
  • Australian Institute of Sport
  • And More!

    • Electric Scooter Brisbane

      Canberra being flat with extensive bike paths, scenic routes and everything in close proximity; makes it an excellent environment for travelling on an electric scooter, bike or skateboard.

      Electric scooters are the most popular form of compact transport sold at WalkSmart. They enable riders an extraordinarily convenient and cheap method to get around a city. Costing less than most vehicle registrations in one year, an electric scooter is not only cheaper but also often a faster mode of transport. No more waiting at lights, one-way streets - with an eScooter you can travel the more direct route without being affected by common road restrictions. eScooters allow riders to save money on public transport, parking and other expensive motor vehicle-related charges. Electric scooters are much greener, not producing any emissions directly, and using far less energy than vehicle forms.

      Electric Scooter Brisbane

      Why eScooters over Bikes?
      Adult Electric scooters are more versatile, compact and flexible. eBikes are large, bulky, heavy and unless they are electric - you have to ride them too. eScooters enable you to hop-on and go. They can be folded down easily to fit in a lift, car or any other compact space. They can be charged in a normal power socket (just like a mobile phone). They have a long battery life that can last a week, and they are incredibly fun to ride. Bikes are clumsy because of the seats. They can get wet easily; they can mess up your clothing and are challenging to ride in a suit or dress; whereas eScooters are just stand-up and go!

      What is WalkSmart offering in Canberra?
      WalkSmart is a one-stop-shop for electric vehicle purchasing, renting, servicing and support. WalkSmart has a large workshop at the rear that enables the team to repair eScooters and other e-mobility quickly, easily and affordably. WalkSmart stocks a large inventory of parts so in almost all cases the repair can occur same day, or even on the spot. There is a nice Café next door where riders can wait while WalkSmart gets their electric vehicle serviced or repaired. Speak to one of our staff in-store and try our product range outside in the neighbouring park, or at home for a small rental fee.

      Electric Scooter Brisbane

      eMobility products (such as eScooters and eBikes) have been legalised in the ACT (Canberra) for use, up to 25km/h top speed. All products sold at WalkSmart in Canberra are legal for use. Here is the breakdown of the updated law:

      - Electric scooters, skateboards are legal to use on shared paths and footpaths. They are not permitted on roads or on-road bicycle lanes (except on residential streets where there is no footpath)

      - They are subject to a maximum speed of 15km/h on footpaths and up to 25km/h in all other permitted locations

      - Users must give way to pedestrians and keep to the left

Electric Scooter Brisbane Electric Scooter Brisbane Electric Scooter Brisbane Electric Scooter Brisbane