Xiaomi Scooter 3 2021: Features & Specifications!

Posted 28th July 2021. Category: Article.

Xiaomi Scooter 3 2021: Features & Specifications!

Posted 28th July 2021. Category: General.

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Hey guys, how do you do? My name is Edward. I'm from walk smart. Today we're going to be uncovering the NEOs Xiaomi electric scooter 3.

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We're going to be covering what the features are, what's new about it. And what is the price point for the new Xiaomi electric scooter 3 and the new models that are going to come out in 2021.

So let's get to it, shall we? So here are the two models, they are going to be the colour black, and the colour white, or grey in this scenario. We will not, however, get an electric scooter pro anymore.

So the model that you'll see in 2021 is going to be Xiaomi electric scooter 3 and Xiaomi electric scooter three essential or Xiaomi electric so that three light, the main difference between the two should be the same as the currently Xiaomi electric scooter to and Xiaomi electric scooter light to which is only the speed for 25 kilometer an hour and 25 kilometer range.

And for the light, it's going to be 20 kilometres an hour for 20-kilometre range. As for what sets the difference between the Xiaomi electric scooter versus the 3, the Xiaomi 3 has a much better battery system. So it's in the software itself, not the battery. If that makes sense, I'll explain to you just in a sec.

So going back to the story of the Xiaomi M365 scooter, there were several cases where the scooter was left in the store for three, four months without getting charged. And what happened is with lithium-ion; they don't like when the battery is below the present. So what ends up happening is if the battery goes to 0%, sometimes the bike would not turn on anymore. And this was a big, big issue for Xiaomi. I believe they've corrected it on the Xiaomi pro 2 and the Xiaomi scooter 2. And on the third one, they are taking it another step further by implementing the security that if your battery goes to 30%, it will sort of pop the power off and go into this safe mode.

So basically, if the battery is lower than 30% for 10 to 15 days, it will basically cut everything out to ensure that the battery is still safe, and you can still charge the battery.

There will also be a new folding design for the Xiaomi electric scooter 3, which I'll show you in this video now. So you can see instead of the limit ring, which most people don't know, and when you put it down, it breaks. It actually has a sort of a hinge where you have to put your index finger first and your thumb down. In addition to that, Xiaomi will also be upgrading its dispatch calliper. And well, basically the dispatch on the calliper, and I'm not too sure that they are going to upgrade the calliper or not.

But they say that they will upgrade the control system on it, making the user have more control for the break and shortening the distance of full 25 kilometres an hour to stop. Besides that, everything else is pretty much standard. The fender will still see it resembles the Xiaomi electric scooter to buyer it's still 8.5 inches.

The motor will still be 300 watts with a 16% incline; however, they claim it to be a little bit more robust. I'm not sure we'll have to test it out in the field test. What they did say is they did improve on the security and the design of the scooter. Now, it said here that they upgrade the hardware, which is the new folding design and software, to fully satisfy the E M 17128 polen 2020 regulations, and is said to provide a much safer riding experience. From the specification itself, we can still see that the weight will still be about 13 kilograms, specifically 13.2 kilograms, so it's a little bit heavier electric scooter.

What I'm pretty excited about here on the specification, you see that the screen has led with speed which it currently displays battery, but it will have kilometres now, which I believe should be the trip or the odometer overall based on the price that the Companies sent to us.

I estimate that the retail price is going to be around 650 to 750 Australian dollars. So the big question is, is it worth getting or upgrading from the electric motor to electric scooter 3? It's really up to you guys. The main difference, it's only for safety. In conclusion, they will only have a better folding mechanism, better software and better dispatch. They are only a little bit of improvements here and there. But it is still up to you; the design perhaps looks better.

But if you do have M365, then yes, probably you would want to operate through the electrical debris. Well, that is my conclusion. And my final thoughts regarding the Xiaomi electric scooter 3 that's going to come later in 2021, let me know in the comment below. What do you think of the Shanghai electric scooter three and I'll see you in the next video.

That's all for now!

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