The Segway-Ninebot Air T15 Kickscooter

Posted 5th June 2020. Category: Article.

Coming Soon: The Magnificient Segway-Ninebot Air T15 Kickscooter!

Posted 5th June 2020. Category: General.

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2020 brings us the release of the Air T15 kickscooter by Segway-Ninebot, a completely new design and form-factor eScooter by Ninebot. Engineered to be as compact, lightweight and easy to use as possible, the T15 may fit the gap as the best city-riding eScooter.

It's far more common these days for manufacturers to release robust, powerful and heavy frame motorised scooters - but what is far more difficult? - Creating one that is powerful and durable yet lightweight and compact. We are excited to see what the T15 brings us!

The Ninebot T15 kickscooter's most exciting feature is it's intuitive hidden throttle - using the rider's kick motion it can automatically cruise at the right speed (or so Ninebot claims) up to 20km/h. It will be interesting to see how well this works in real-life. Other exciting features include its 1-second quick fold, front and rear lights, four driving modes, bezel-less dashboard and cruise control. Unfortunately battery range is quite low, at around 15km as advertised - we would expect about 6-7km in real-life Sydney riding. Tyres are non-air filled, so no need to worry about getting a flat. The whole scooter frame is made out of aluminium for weight saving, and the propulsion is driven from the rear wheel hub motor. The T15 eScooter takes in all the innovations developed in the eMobility space over the last decade - definitely a nice piece of innovation.

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The Segway-Ninebot T15 will release on Indigogo first before coming to stores like WalkSmart by the second half of this year (2020).

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The price? Ninebot has advertised this scooter around the $700 USD ($1100 AUD) mark, which places it quite steep. Most advanced eScooter rides will be questioning the high price tag given the electrical specs are great. What many people don't realise though is the 'price' put on a product that is profoundly refined. We will hold our judgement until we get our hands on one!

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We are excited to test the T15 in an urban setting. We expect it to outperform other electric scooter models when we are required to carry it on public transport, upstairs or in tight spaces. Having a large and bulky eBike or eScooter is often very much impractical in many circumstances, and so a lightweight and compact device will be nice to have for these cases.

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