Best Bolzzen Electric Scooters in Australia

Posted 28th July 2021. Category: Article.

Best Bolzzen Electric Scooters in Australia

Posted 28th July 2021 2021. Category: General.

best 1000W electric scooter in Australia

Bolzzen is an electric scooter company that excels in quality and customer service. The Bolzzen team has been designing, building, testing and refining their products for over many years. They are committed to providing riders with a safe and memorable experience. What’s more, they have the best warranty of any other electric scooter on the Australian market.

In this article, we have listed some of the best Bolzzen electric scooter models that make your daily commuting a joyful one.

Best Bolzzen Electric Scooters in Australia!


best 1000W electric scooter in Australia

This Lightweight and Easy Folding Atom Lite Electric Scooter can not only get up to speeds of 25 km/h, but it also has a range of 30 kilometers on one charge. This low-maintenance scooter features drum brakes that provide variable stopping power depending on the situation - perfect if you're in an area with hills or just want your braking experience to be more nuanced than simply using electric brake pads.

Atom Pro

best 1000W electric scooter in Australia

Bolzzen Atom Pro is one of the finest electric scooters in Australia, equipped with a 500W powerful motor, and can cover 60 Km range with a single charge. This e-scooter can even carry heavy adults (up to 120Kg weight).

The dual suspension ensures that you get a smooth ride even on the bumpy roads. The Bolzzen Atom Pro is the most advanced Japanese-built E-scooter. With 1 step easy auto fold, smooth aluminium frame weighing only 15.5kg but with capacity of 120 kgs, this long lasting beauty is great for short commutes! All in all, this is a perfect electric scooter for those who need to commute longer distances on a day to day basis.

Bolzzen Dynamo Hyper Electric Scooter

best 1000W electric scooter in Australia

Bolzzen Dynamo Hyper Electric Scooter is one of the most powerful scooters in the market right now, as it sports 2000w dual motors.

The scooter is of robust build quality engineered with German and British technologies. The design of this electric scooter is very modern and it comes with LED display that shows all modes of commuting.

With a single click of a button, this electric scooter folds and makes it easier to carry anywhere you go. One of the best features of this e-scooter is it is light weight in nature.

In a single charge, this e-scooter can go up to a range of 60km. Bolzzen Dynamo can carry weight up to 135Kg, and it is a perfect choice for heavy weight persons.

With the help of a fast charger, this e-scooter can charge up in 6 hours compared to 12 hours with a traditional charger.

Bolzzen Dynamo Pro

best 1000W electric scooter in Australia

Bolzzen Dynamo Pro is an advanced version of Bolzzen Dynamo. With its dual 1000W motor, it produces a dynamic performance and the new LG 23Ah battery increases the range of this electric scooter to 80 Km.


Bolzzen electric scooters are best known for their build quality and ride performance. Most of their e-scooters are built to last for years. Either you are a beginner or experienced electric scooter user, Bolzzen has a different range of e-scooters that can cater to your needs.

These electric scooters from the Bolzzen company are definitely the new go-to for urban transportation.We hope you found this article helpful in making your decision about which electric scooter to buy. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out! If you are the one who loves to make the best out of e-scooter on road, then pick of the above listed e-scooter today. Please note, that these electric scooters tend to be best suited for all kinds of riders. Hence, if you are a beginner, you can always go for the budget friendly option or the rental option which helps you learn to ride on it and when you are confident enough you can easily switch to these powerful electric scooters with 1000w motor options.

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WalkSmart recommends that you check your local state laws and regulations in relation to using electric scooters in public locations, roads and footpaths. Laws vary state by state and therefore may limit use to private locations only. Each local body is reviewing public electric scooter use, so we expect it to be regulated, but legal in all states within the short term. Feel free to contact WalkSmart if you have any further queries.

best 1000W electric scooter in Australia best 1000W electric scooter in Australia best 1000W electric scooter in Australia best 1000W electric scooter in Australia