Why Ninebot E8 is the Best Suited Electric Scooter For Kids?

Posted 23rd March 2021. Category: Article.

Why Ninebot E8 is the Best Suited Electric Scooter For Kids? | Detailed Review Guide

Posted 23rd March. Category: General.

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Are you looking forward to buying a kid’s electric scooter this season? Maybe you are tired of the lack of variety in picking out the perfect one. Fortunately, for electric scooters, children do not have to miss out. I have many happy memories of racing around my neighbourhood on my little blue kick-scooter, and I'm sure you will have similar ones.

Of course, you want to take a few things into account when buying an electric scooter for your children. How quickly is the scooter going? Is my child's travelling well constructed and safe? Is it so compact that they can handle it comfortably on their own?

Let's take a closer look at the Ninebot E8 and see what it has to give to make sure you pick the best electric scooter for kids between 9 to 12 year olds.

This is an excellent scooter for children under the age of 12 who are just learning to ride, thanks to the three ride modes that guide them through the fundamentals of electric scooters. This scooter, which comes in eye-catching blue or pink, has a top speed of 8.6 mph and a range of 6.2 miles. The E8 is a stable option thanks to its triple-braking mechanism, and the spring suspension offers a comfortable ride.

Younger children do not have to miss out on all of the cool technical features that adult scooters have, and it appears that personal transportation brand Segway agrees. That is why they created the Ninebot E8, a scooter that is a lot of fun and will keep your kids entertained for hours.

First and foremost, I must emphasise how exceptional these scooters are. Their vibrant style, available in pink or blue, is sure to capture the attention of even the pickiest children. The curved handlebars and low-lying foot deck both provide excellent stability, making it simple to maintain balance and the best electric scooter for kids.

Why Ninebot E8 is the Best Suited Electric Scooter For Kids

Build Quality:

The E8 is made of aerospace-grade aluminium alloy, much like Segway adult scooters. As a result of this being both robust and lightweight, the scooter only weights 17.6 lbs. It's also very compact. Unlike the other kids electric scooter, it can be folded, making it easy to store in the trunk of your vehicle.

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Motor & Riding Modes:

The E8's 130W motor helps your children to hit a peak speed of 8.6 mph. Do you think this is a little fast? Don't worry, Segway has already planned ahead of time. There are three riding modes on the E8: safety, cruise, and throttle.

The safety mode is ideal for beginners, as the speed is limited to 6.2 mph, allowing your children to learn the fundamentals. When they are feeling more confident, they can turn to cruise mode. This setting eliminates the need for the throttle and instead relies on your child's starting kick to step into a steady glide. The greater the force behind the kick, the quicker the scooter! If your children are older or more experienced riders, turn to the third setting to unlock the throttle and reach full speed.

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Best Suited For

This scooter is appropriate for children aged 6 to 12, but the inclusion of three riding modes makes it an especially good choice for younger children. The various levels allow them to learn the fundamentals of riding before progressing to faster settings and gaining more control over the scooter.

Safety Features:

Segway acknowledges that safety is the most important aspect in children's scooters, which is why the ZING E8 has a triple braking system. Most adult scooters only have two brakes, so this is particularly impressive. Kids can choose between using a handbrake to operate the dual electric and mechanical brakes or standing on the rear fender to come to a stop.

Battery Management System

The E8 also has a smart battery management system that avoids overheating and maintains the battery in better shape for a longer period of time. It also ensures that your child will be able to reach the 6.2 mile top-range, allowing them to zip around your neighbourhood to their heart's content.

Shock Absorption

What really stands out about the E8 is its front spring shock absorption. Again, this is something you won't see on many adult scooters. This ensures that your children will be able to ride their scooter on a number of surfaces, including grass and gravel paths, without losing their balance or being tossed around. Furthermore, the sturdy rubber tyres can easily handle sidewalk cracks or bumps.

Concluding Remarks:

There are many benefits to owning an electric scooter and with all these new models, there's something out there for everyone! There is no need to be bored with your options when they're so many fun colours and designs. I hope you liked the detailed review on Ninebot E8 model and now you know Why Ninebot E8 is the Best Suited Electric Scooter For Kids.

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