Discovering The Unagi Scooter

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Why You Should Choose The Unagi Scooter.

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5 Reasons Why “The Unagi Scooter” is One of the Best Electric Scooter for Adults, Australia.

If you have been looking for an electric scooter for adults Australia, you might want to stop your research once you come across “The Unagi Scooter”. Although, an e-scooter, Unagi is everything that an adult might desire. It’s sleek design and robust power makes it an ideal choice for travelling economically across the streets of Australia. Without wasting any of your time, let us find out why Unagi is considered to be the best choice for grown-up people.

Why “The Unagi Scooter” is the Best Electric Scooter for Adults Australia

It is Crafted For Adults-

One of the main reasons why people usually shy away from e-scooters is because their appearance is more or less like a toy. Fortunately, The Unagi Scooter is practically one of the fanciest electric scooters for adults Australia as it’s sleek and durable design makes the commute easy and eradicates the need to travel by cars.

Commendable Speed at 25 km/hr-
The Unagi Scooter features the top speed at around 25km/hr, which is considered to be decent enough for short trips. Instead of hopping on to a car for quick lunch or collecting groceries, people find it more convenient to travel via e-scooters.

Features “One Click” Folding Scooter- Although the Unagi Scooter is not lightweight, at 24 pounds it is light enough to place it at a secured location. It sports a unique feature, which allows the users to fold the scooter at one click and allows them to carry them to their office. (The handlebar sports a hinge mechanism that enables the e-scooter to fold down and stay put)

Longer Battery Life- Unagi has been empowered with a better quality of batteries installed within, which allows the users to make use of it for a longer duration. At 4.5 hours, the charging time is comparatively lower as compared to any other electric scooter for adults Australia. The makers of the Scooter claim that these batteries will still be functional for many years together.

Multiple Speed Mode for Every Type of User- No matter, if you are experienced or not much experienced with the motorised scooters, you can still drive the Unagi scooter without any difficulty whatsoever. The makers of Unagi have added three-speed modes ranging from advanced, intermediate and beginner. ( the top speeds of which are about 15, 12 and 9 mph respectively). Depending upon your experience you can increase or decrease the speed to establish a sturdy balance while driving it.

Hence, if you are looking for an alternative to a car or bikes which may potentially leave you exhausted after a quick ride to the office, you can switch to the Unagi scooter viz the electric scooters for adults Australia for good. It is moderately priced, but it saves you tons of money and can be your ideal travel partner for quick office/college rides

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