Best Electric scooter Maintenance tips

Posted 10th August 2021. Category: Article.

Best Electric scooter Maintenance tips!/h2>

Posted 10th August 2021 2021. Category: General.

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Even if you bought the electric scooter a few months back, do you still feel the performance of your e-scooter has gone down? To keep your electric scooter in a good condition, you need to make sure that there is right maintenance. In today’s blog post we will be sharing viable tips to help you maintain your e-scooter in the best condition.

Best Electric Scooter Maintenance Tips!

Tire Pressure

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If you want to optimize the riding style, it is essential to maintain right pressure in the tires. Always check the tire pressure mentioned by the manufacturer. Never exceed the tire pressure mentioned. It can increase the probability of:
  • Tire burst
  • Of extremely uncomfortable rides
  • Making the turning less safe
Battery Performance

Besides the wheels and other accessories of your electric scooter, it is important to maintain the battery condition in a perfect manner. Every battery has a defined life. Some batteries perform well till 300 cycles while some are in good condition for 1000 cycles.

If you want to maintain the battery in an optimum condition or increase the battery life, then:
  • Keep the battery in areas where temperature is above 0 degrees.
  • Use an original charger provided by the manufacturer. Change in the charger input will damage the battery life.
  • Unplug the battery when it is fully charged.
  • Don’t drain the battery completely.

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Different electric scooters have different braking mechanisms. Do check what type of braking system your electric scooter has? Is it calipers or disc brakes? Knowing this will help you in effective maintenance of the electric scooter.

After a certain usage of electric scooter the brake pads wear out. So, it is important to replace the brake pads regularly. If you feel the electric scooter performance is on the heavier side, you need to change the brake cables eventually.

Next, you need to check if the discs and rims are fixed properly. Also, check the lubrication at the pivot of the brake to ensure smooth braking while riding. After all the checks are completed, it is recommended to check if the wheels are spinning with ease or not. If the wheels aren’t spinning free, you need to replace them as well.

Grease the suspension

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Once you clean the electric scooter and fix the brakes, it is important to check if the brake pads and suspension are dry or not. If it is dry, then it is recommended to apply grease for smooth application of brakes.


Instead of complicating things, it is recommended to keep the maintenance of your electric scooter simple. Maintaining the electric scooter in optimal condition will help you to enjoy comfortable rides.

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