5 Common Electric Scooter Mistakes to Avoid in Australia!

Posted 22nd February 2021. Category: Article.

5 Common Electric Scooter Mistakes to Avoid in Australia| WalkSmart Guide!

Posted 15th February. Category: General.

Common Electric Scooter Mistakes

Riding an electric scooter these days is not only fun but has become absolutely essential among teenagers and adults alike. If you have just purchased a brand new electric scooter in Australia and want to avoid committing the most common mistakes in riding a scooter, then this blog post is for you.

Common Electric Scooter Mistakes to Avoid in Australia

Mistake #1:
Not keeping the tyre pressure topped up : Most of the electric scooters in Australia are equipped with two types of tyres i.e solid and air filled. And while solid tyres have their own benefits, but we feel that air filled is much better as it provides a superior riding experience to its riders. However, the riding experience goes for a toss if you do not keep the tyre pressure topped up. Running your tyre too low causes poor handling. In some cases, while you are driving through roads which have road bumps ahead of you, you may end up in puncturing your vehicle as the inner tube gets squashed against the wheel rim. So we recommend buying an extra pump and keeping your pressures within the optimal range.

Common Electric Scooter Mistakes

Mistake #2:
Not maintaining your electric scooter batteries : Electric scooter batteries are fairly impressive parts of the scooter which fuels your electric motor to travel long distances. But they also need to be cared for properly, if you want to get the most out of your batteries. One of the most common issues, our team has come across is that even though the batteries are fully charged our customers can not reach the maximum range that the scooter promises. This issue arises often because, at times the battery display shows that they are fully charged before they are actually charged properly. Hence, moving forward, please keep in mind to check when the charger indicates that the battery is fully charged and then only you can take your electric scooter out for a ride. You can also keep a timer for charging the battery and take the charger out after that time period is over. This way you will be absolutely sure that the scooter is fully charged.Do you want us to share a proper blog post on how to make your scooter batteries last longer? Please let us know in the comments below.

Mistake #3:
Using the rear mudguard as a brake: This one of the most common issues that our service team faces when the customers come back with broken rear mudguards. This is because users think that these are rear brakes in the electric scooters. Avoid using it as brakes as it may lead to damaging your scooters for good. It may also lead to a crash which we want to avoid at any costs. To be doubly sure, have a look at the warning sticker that mentions to avoid stepping on the rear mudguard.

Common Electric Scooter Mistakes

Mistake #4:
Not knowing about your riding modes: When you start riding your e-scooter, you naturally find it easier to ride and move around. However, after a certain point in time you figure out that the speed has become slower. This happens because your electric scooter might have entered into the lowest mode or the eco mode. Most of the scooters have three riding modes i.e lowest or eco mode, fastest or sport mode, or the middle mode.

Mistake #5:
Not Charging the Scooter Frequently: This issue might not cause trouble in the beginning but after some time it might damage the durability of the battery. Hence, it is only advisable to charge it from time to time and use it as regularly as you can to keep it running smoothly. Don’t forget to charge the e scooter after every session to avoid any further mistakes as such.

That was all from our side today. Hence, please make sure that you don’t repeat any of the following mistakes and write a checklist to be doubly sure about making you escooter ride as smooth as you can make it. With time you will love in maintaining your scooter for good. For any expert queries you can always contact us at WalkSmart store!

Common Electric Scooter Mistakes

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WalkSmart recommends that you check your local state laws and regulations in relation to using electric scooters in public locations, roads and footpaths. Laws vary state by state and therefore may limit use to private locations only. Each local body is reviewing public electric scooter use, so we expect it to be regulated, but legal in all states within the short term. Feel free to contact WalkSmart if you have any further queries.

Common Electric Scooter Mistakes Common Electric Scooter Mistakes Common Electric Scooter Mistakes Common Electric Scooter Mistakes