What can you do if your electric scooter breaks down?

Posted 20th December 2021. Category: Article.

What can you do if your electric scooter breaks down?

Posted 20th December 2021. Category: General.

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What can you do if your electric scooter breaks down? In this blog post, we will be talking about the best ways on how to fix an electric scooter when it breaks down.As is typical of many new technologies, service facilities are not yet fully established. Never be afraid! This guide will teach you what your options are and what to do if your scooter breaks.

If you ride your scooter for a long time, you'll probably need to undertake some maintenance. In fact, on average, you should expect a repair every 550 miles or 6.5 months of use. It'll almost certainly be a flat tyre or a brake adjustment.

How to Fix An Electric Scooter?:

  • Forums of the ESG
  • Return to the distributor
  • Do-it-yourself
  • Repair shops for personal electric vehicles (PEVs) in Canberra like Walksmart Canberra shop
Forums of the ESG

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Because many electric scooter issues are reasonably straightforward to fix (sometimes with a little help), seeking advice in forums is your best bet. The ESG Communities is one of the fastest-growing online forums for all things electric scooter, with a thriving community of specialists and fans.

In the ESG forums, post your repair question (you'll need to sign up to post, but it's easy and painless). Best of all, if you don't want to make a new account, you may use your Facebook account to log in.

Return to the Distributor

how to fix electric scooter

You're in luck if you got an electric scooter from a reputable retailer. You can probably return it for repair or replacement, depending on their policies and how long it's been since you bought it. If you're looking to buy an electric scooter, make sure to read the distributor's policy and warranty information before making a purchase. A distributor with a presence in your home country, in our experience, would provide greater service. Due to excessively high shipping charges, overseas wholesalers on Alibaba will be unable to assist you.

Do-It-Yourself Repair

If you have a scooter that is easy to maintain, you can perform most basic repairs. Even some of the most common and popular electric scooter types, such as the Segway Ninebot series, are not maintenance friendly. Fixing flat tyres, changing tyres, adjusting brakes, and repairing squeaks and loose parts are all common repairs.

Repair shops for personal electric vehicles (PEVs)

how to fix electric scooter

For most urban locations, local personal electric scootershops are springing up. It's smart to leave some repairs to the pros. You may be fortunate enough to live close to one of these. If you're unsure, a fast Google search should yield results in your area. Fortunately, if you are in and around Sydney and Canberra then our Walksmart stores in Sydney and Canberra will be the perfect location for you to get your scooter repaired.


These were few of the valuable tips that we suggest all the electric scooters riders to follow, incase their scooter breaks down. So now that the secret is out, you can use these tips to fix your electric scooter with ease.

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WalkSmart recommends that you check your local state laws and regulations in relation to using electric scooters in public locations, roads and footpaths. Laws vary state by state and therefore may limit use to private locations only. Each local body is reviewing public electric scooter use, so we expect it to be regulated, but legal in all states within the short term. Feel free to contact WalkSmart if you have any further queries.

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