An Interview with Christian: Founder of Bolzzen Scooters!

Posted 10thh July 2021. Category: Article.

An Interview with Christian: Founder of Bolzzen Scooters

Posted 10th July 2021. Category: General.

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In today's blog post, we will be discussing how Bolzzen Electric Scooter came into being. Our teammate Edward was fortunate enough to interview Christian, who is the co-founder of the Bolzzen scooters. So without any further ado, we dive right into the interview edition series Ft. Christian.

Please note: Today's blog post will be in the form of Q&A for easy understanding. To catch the interview live, please click on the following YouTube video for your reference:

Question: How did Christian, the founder of the Bolzzen Scooter, get motivated to start his electric scooter company? When did he exactly start it?.

Answer: We started riding bikes after a family trip to Europe; we rode for the first time and fell in love with the whole concept. We came back to Australia, and we did a lot of research and imported our first lot of e-bikes. And then we found ourselves also looking at e-scooters. After a trip to China to a massive fair over there, we fell in love with a few different brands of scooters, which we work closely alongside now. And we now are doing a reasonable volume in scooters; the brand is becoming more and more well known all the time. And yeah, we can see significant growth in Australia with the scooters not legal in every state at the moment, but things are going in the right direction, and we can see substantial progress is made. So it's exciting times ahead.

Question: We can see that you have added a new e-scooter to your collection, the Bolzzen Dynamo. How are you finding it so far? Are you happy with the result? Or what're your overall thoughts on the Bolzzen Dynamo?

Answer: Yeah, Dynamo is skewed. We are incredibly proud of this one right here. Look at the sale first—21,001 scooters to date. So a hotter scooter is a lot to decode, or many people like to call them. It's got fantastic suspension excellent power. And the best part, it's got a tremendous price point. So we're we are trying to match the price of the customer as much as we can. Hence, we are considered or what we like to think regarded as an extremely good value scooter company that can offer a lot of bang for the buck, and the Dynamo is no exception.

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Question: Okay, yep. Okay, so we do have some user questions as well. Regarding the Bolzzen Dynamo. We have this one user asking, why is the Dynamo so cheap? What's your answer to that?

Answer:Fantastic question. Look, going back to the last question, we are evolving as a relatively new company. But I think many people wouldn't realize that we've been selling scooters for around a year and a half for close to closer to two years. And in that time, we've grown at a rate that we're comfortable with; we aren't here to try to take over Australia as the biggest scooter company. We want to do it on a piece of weight comfortable with the Bolzzen Dynamo, the newer scooter we have. Look, we've found that the price point that we've come up with will be an aggressive price point; it will offer as good as much more expensive than this model. But offer every bit as good quality, where there's no compromise on quality here; we have the new 23 amp-hour with hydraulic brake Dynamo pro coming out in should be here in about a week or so. And that also is going to be a great price point; we've made no compromise on quality. It's just Bolzzen getting out there and making sure that we're competitive.

Question: Yep, that makes sense. Christian, I think that answers that question. It is, overall, I believe, a great quality scooter. But I know that we are still starting. So that's why you want to get the user excited about it. That's right. Yeah. Okay, we're moving on to the next question. Then we have another user asking him that. How do the Bolzzen Dynamo perform on a smooth road?

Answer: Now the reasonable question, we would call it the Dynamo, soft or medium Rodolfo; it does come with urban ties, which you could change to an off-road tire. We've tested it on some pretty rugged terrain, and it handled it very well. The suspension is, I suppose, an excellent softer medium suspension. It's not made to do big jump sorting all that but jumping off gutters and jumping off little jumps, if you're off-road or little drops as I've no problem, but it's not made to do things that you know, the big powerhouse e-scooters that will do, you know, giant jobs or dirt track and all that that's going to test it, we will be adding a scooter to the range that will compete in this space. But this Dynamo is more for an all-around, not hardcore, off-road.

Question:Thanks, Christian, for that response. Okay, now moving on to the third question. Here's a funny one, I bought a user claim. What if I lost the key? What can I do?

Answer: I would not be sure if that's too funny for the user but pertains to that strike, I suppose. We don't stop spare keys. So you come with to every security comes in two keys or every Dynamo with two keys. We always suggest that you take the keys away and put the other the second one in a safe spot. If you lose both keys, in an unusual situation, there are two options. You can replace the whole barrel one key which we hold stock, and they come with a new key, or we audit the key but it would have to come from overseas, and you're probably looking at four to six weeks for that to happen. Yeah.

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Question:Thank you, Christian. So moving on to the next question. How does boeser Dynamo compares to Cabo Mantis?

Answer: Oh, look, it's a tricky question. We never like to talk too much about our competitors and what they're doing; we concentrate on ourselves. But if we're sincere, we believe the number one thing is a bang for the buck and be a price difference between, say, a manager's job versus the Dynamo standard, when on average around about $600 difference, so that's a big one. But we've been able to do that without compromising on quality. If anything, I think we'll I'm very confident that the quality of our e-scooter is superior. Slightly lighter weight ELS folding handlebars. Yeah, I think that will probably answer to the question fails.

Question: Thank you Christian. I definitely agree with you. 100% on this one. So on your own personal view, what do you think makes Bolzzen really stands out? Comparing to other models of electric scooters in not just Cabo, you know, like, like zero or like, you know, Kim, what truly makes the Bowser stands out he?

Answer: Okay, that's a good one. First and foremost, I think the value is at the forefront of the bowls and philosophy. We are trying to, and I think succeeding in having a providing a great range of students right from our Atom, like baby, which is a 699 retail schooler is a fantastic dedicated, extremely reliable, super lightweight, right up to the Bolzzen Dynamo and soon to be the Dynamo Pro. I think all of those scooters on paper will definitely offer a better spec than anything you're going to find. And then once you ride them and see the quality, people are surprised with how good our scooters are. So you know, I think as time goes on, we're going to where we are going to add more models to the Rangers. A few really exciting models that we know are going to land before the end of the year. And again going to be highly competitive, and they're going to shake up certain segments of the market, so can't wait for that. I'd say another couple of things after-sales service. So from us to our dealers. Number one is we try to support our dealers in the best way possible. Very hands-on with it with our team and our retailers teams. Whenever there's an issue or if there's an issue we try and fix it as soon as possible. If we need to send parts, we'll send them nine times out of 10 same day. So that's good. And then I think the after sales side it also goes on to our to our retailers we haven't just sold to any retail but really trying to handpick the retailers that we know will offer the same sort of service as well we will offer to our retailers. So that's probably point number two covered. Number three, look the overall quality and quality control. We go back and forth with our suppliers or factories. We're making minor subtle changes to make sure that we are offering the best value for money and quality products possible to the riders.

Question: Yep. Thank you so much for your time today, Christian. Now before we go, is there anything that you want to say to our viewers?

Answer:Oh, look, absolutely. Look, I think you need to make both, at least on your shortlist, as good as some great schools out there, by all means, let's be honest, as good as in Australia is relatively new for all brands. So the big names are still many big names over the last couple of years in Australia. So Bolzzen has been around for almost as long as all of them exist, that we've grown at a slower rate because we wanted to make sure all of our processes have been able to back our product up and that we're not going to let our customers down. We're not here to sell a million scooters, awakened and forget about the answer sales. We are a fantastic brand. We are a value pack brand. And, you know, with the growth we see month on month, I think that the consumer and the E scooter rider is also agreeing with us.

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