Club WalkSmart Terms and Conditions

The WalkSmart Care Packages are designed for customers who intend of using their scooter on a frequent basis and would benefit from a service that ensures their "tool of transport" is functioning as it should throughout its life. If you depend on your scooter for transport, then look into WalkSmart Care!

One scooter service included valued at $99. A scooter service includes the following:
Thorough spray and wipe clean of the frame
Brake adjustment to ensure it is working correctly
Disk brake cleaning,
Bearing lubrication,
Bolt torque tightening,
Battery voltage testing,
Software updates

One accidental incident repair per year included.
The accidental care package only covers one scooter you have purchased through WalkSmart - one serial number is assigned to each package. The WalkSmart Care Package must be added within 14 days of your eScooter purchase from WalkSmart.
Inclusions: broken parts on the scooter due to a ride incident.
Exclusions: full submersion water damage will incur additional fees.
A $100 fee will be billed to the customer on completion for Basic Care subscribers.

Dedicated support assistant for faster service.
Direct phone number support will be provided to the customer for quicker and easier communication.

Bonus mobile phone mount included for your scooter.
Phone mount valued at $10, for more information, visit us in store. Warranty is provided on the phone mount for the period of the care package.

Bonus helmet included for your scooter
Helmet valued at $35 will be provided and will be covered under standard warranty.

All WalkSmart Care packages exclude any postage or logistics costs if the customer needs to return the scooter, send it in for repair or servicing. If it is not convenient for the customer to come into the WalkSmart store, then WalkSmart can arrange a courier at the customer's expense.

The WalkSmart care package will be assigned to one individual product only. Any parts on the product matched with the item serial number will be included in the care package. Parts not matched with the serial number, such as additions or modifications not purchased through WalkSmart are not included.

Loan scooter provided during all servicing and repairs. A second hand fully functional loan electric scooter will be provided for the customer to use while their scooter is undergoing repair or servicing. The loan scooter model may not match their own scooter but should present similar specifications and features.

Invitation to the WalkSmart Community. A community forum valued at $10 per year, where discounts will be published.

Tyre or tube replacements are excluded from the WalkSmart Care Packages, as they are considered consumable components. A 10% discount and prioritised service are included for WalkSmart Care customers who wish to upgrade or change their eScooter tyres.

Diamond Care subscription package;
The customer must opt into their subscription within seven days of their scooter purchase for it to be valid. The customer may cancel the subscription at any time; however, if the subscription is unpaid or cancelled at any time, it cannot be re-purchased again. Once cancelled, all subscriptions benefits will be suspended.

WalkSmart has the right to cancel a customers subscription at any time but must provide a minimum of 1 months notice to the customer.

The opted scooter will be covered under warranty for the period of the subscription, even if the product exceeds its original purchase warranty.

WalkSmart must be notified if the owner of a scooter changes for the care package to remain valid. WalkSmart has the right to deny any customers that are not registered in the system even if the serial numbers do match to a care package.

WalkSmart may hold a customer's credit card, address, passport, drivers licence or any other sensitive personal information. All sensitive personal data will be stored securely.

For any questions, please get in contact with us today,